Sunday, September 25, 2011


Isn't modern technology supposed to bring us more peace of mind? Well not my mind, thats for sure. What a pain in my putootie it can be. I just spent the last hour backing up all the files from my computer onto my portable hard drive. I felt a little at ease knowing my important documents, pictures and music are  backed up so that I wont loose them if my computer crashes... but what if my portable hard drive crashes too?? What will I do then? Maybe I should print everything out so that I have a hard copy of it all, but then what if my house burns down, then those will be destroyed as well. There is no sure way I will have piece of mind with the chance that if technology fails, ill loose everything.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Be yourself... Who am I?

Everyone keeps telling me that when you like someone just be yourself around them. Do you know how hard that is? Its not that I am trying to be someone else, its just that I am paying way to much attention trying to be myself that I'm not myself at all. They tell a joke and I think 'would I usually laugh at that? I would probably laugh at that. Ok then, I'll laugh.' Or if they ask me what I like to do for fun I have to think really hard, not because I never have fun but because I always realize after I do something how fun it was so I never really think about that question.
Anyway, the point is, I am never myself when I am consciously trying to be myself. I don't think that is normal.


Oh wait... that's me.

Last night I was hanging out with some friends and we were reading some hilarious spoof blogs, ya know, the blogs that people write with the soul purpose of poking fun at people, cultures, companies, etc. We were laughing at how ridiculous people can be sometimes. There were a few posts we found that my friends thought were so absurd but left me thinking 'oh, that's me.' Then I just sit there and laugh with them, going along with it... "Ya, haha. I can't believe someone would actually think/write/say that." Then I spent the rest of the night thinking back on things I have done/said/thought in front of them and do they judge me just the same?


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Vacation!

Camping is one of my favorite things! Except when I'm scared that a tornado will come wipe me out. Last night I was trying to fall asleep in my tent but it was so windy and there was tons of lightning that even if I wasn't panicked I wouldn't have been able to fall asleep anyway. I had to wait it out (the whole time planning what I would do, where I would go if there was a tornado). I think I finally got to sleep at 2am after the wind died down... No tornado though!! Phew!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Was I good enough??

Today is my last day of a job that I have had for the last 6 weeks (not very long, I know) but I got pretty attached to it. Knowing that I won't be coming back tomorrow I can't help thinking that I could have done a lot more, I could have done a much better job but now it's too late.


Monday, July 11, 2011


For those of you that have fair skin, you will understand... If I am out in the Sun for more then half an hour without sunscreen it's like I can smell my own flesh burning. Not really, but I know that my skin is burning which means redness, pain, possibly cancer... Who knows what else.
Moral of the story... Always wear your sunscreen!!!

Love Omni

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hide and Seek

What a horrible game for kids... Telling kids to go hide somewhere that will be hard to find them. In the house it's a little better because you can lock the doors and at least you know they are somewhere within the sound of your voice but people are crazy when they play hide and seek with their kids in the park. That's just asking for trouble.